We provide a complete service to develop projects of all sizes.


We find the best products and services for your needs.

Kimetal manages the entire process: material collection, technical verification, quality control, budget, delivery and documentation; all in accordance with international standards.
Kimetal’s experience and market knowledge allow it to find all types of materials in a short time under competitive conditions. Kimetal collaborates with qualified suppliers and transporters by providing a complete service for optimal customer satisfaction.



Kimetal’s procurement business is not limited to transaction management, ie, placing orders with suppliers.

It is a strategic lever. We go beyond every moment of the order management: we offer support and we provide specific help to arrive, given the specifications indicated by those who need the good or service, to the determination of the best solution / provider. From this perspective, sourcing is a strategic activity for Kimetal, helping our customers through a constant dialogue to define their real needs, identifying specific partners and negotiating with them. Then he plays a more operational role in order management.

With this approach, Kimetal creates effective relationships between the different partners by focusing on teamwork that allows the supplier to be able to work properly and the client company to obtain a quality product and/or service.

With this purchasing model, our customers can optimize their expenses (while improving the quality of the products and/or services purchased)

Project Management

Kimetal offers consulting services for the management of major projects.

It coordinates and controls the various components and actors involved in order to achieve the objectives of the project by meeting the requirements of its customers.

For large-scale projects, the project management activity can be delegated to several people or partner companies: kimetal collaborates with experts in various fields of activity.

Project management

By project management, Kimetal refers to all activities whose main function is to achieve the objectives of the project.


The Project Manager has been your partner since the first meeting. It gathers information about the project, verifies its feasibility and planning and establishes a first implementation budget, fully interpreting your needs.


KIMETAL verifies the consistency of the project in relation with current and future market conditions by acquiring and analysing, with the help of appropriate instruments, all the elements directly at the place of implementation, and, if necessary, involving local institutions.


Once the analysis is complete, the strategic assessment must be carried out, by defining and planning the work in accordance with the established budget. The result of these analyses is formalised in a specific document.


Since the strategic line to be adopted is defined, it is necessary to determine all phases of project development that will be closely monitored by KIMETAL in order to meet the deadlines set. The progress of the project may, if agreed with the client, be verified on a specific telematics platform.


Once the design of the work has been defined, it will be necessary to proceed with the drafting of the project, by preparing a plurality of documents such as the description of the project, the presentation to the client, the final project and all the other technical documents necessary for the realization of the work.


KIMETAL establishes a list of potential suppliers by verifying their economic and territorial characteristics and evaluating their compatibility with the ongoing investment.


After establishing the list of potential suppliers, KIMETAL manages the tender, analyzes the bids received and defines the corresponding contracts in accordance with local regulations.


KIMETAL will keep you up-to-date on the status of the project by sharing documents and graphics, allowing you to implement any corrective actions possible to meet your budget.


Periodic on-site checks and progress reports of works and deliveries of equipment will be carried out regularly during the execution of the work.

10.Finishing stage

After completion of the work, it must be finished, enriching it with all the details (furniture, curtains, coverings, etc.) that will make your investment unique. All this will be under the control of KIMETAL.


Kimetal is certified ISO 9001:2015.